10 Netflix Alternatives to Install in 2019

10 Netflix Alternatives to Install in 2019

In case you don’t have access to Netflix or simply interested in finding similar services, you are in the right place. Here you’ll find top 10 alternatives which are sure to be fun and full of new films and series not available on Netflix.
Streaming apps and service you can get today
In case you just want to get something free to add new choices to the selection from Netflix, you can get services like

Crackle or Tubi TV. These options are now very big but still have some great films and series for you to enjoy. For example, Crackle has about 150 films and 75 series.

If you go big, you can get Hulu or Amazon Prime. These are the biggest streaming services that truly match Netflix in the selection of movies. Amazon Prime is even bigger and stands out by offering to rent or buy new releases. These companies also make original series and films you can enjoy only there.

You can also greatly enjoy streaming platforms like CBS All Access, HBO New, etc. They deliver high-quality shows and series like Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, The Big Bang Theory, etc.

Other available options

When the solutions above are not enough, you should turn to Acorn TV, Fandor, or YouTube. They have a different type of content but you are likely to find something really interesting there.

Soon you’ll also be able to get Apple TV +. The streaming service launches tons of new series and shows.