MoviesJoy: great alternative to 123movies

MoviesJoy: great alternative to 123movies

There’s a lot of various platforms online where you can watch movies and TV shows for free. One of them is MoviesJoy. Here, you’ll find movies in HD quality format, making the website a strong competitor to bigger names like 123movies and Putlocker.

Why we love it

First, there’s a decent number of genres, so that you can discover the extensive library of titles by browsing through different categories when you don’t have any specific movie on your mind.

Second, at the listing page you have the “hoverable” thumbnails with the information about the quality format, IMDB ratings and a short bio.

Third, the movies’ pages feature the trailers which is always useful because you don’t want to get away from a site, go to Google and search for a trailer there.

And most of the movies can be viewed in the HD format which is as good as it gets on major paid-subscription sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. So, the next time you are thinking about watching a film for free, visit MoviesJoy and enjoy your evening with a great flick in front of you.