Vumoo: simple and easy-to-navigate alternative to 123movies

Vumoo: simple and easy-to-navigate alternative to 123movies

We – movie fans online – know that 123movies might stop working at any point with authorities chasing down any mirrors of the site around the world. But don’t lose your heart! There’s a lot of awesome alternatives online. One of them is Vumoo, a simple and elegant site that nonetheless boasts an extensive library of titles in both movies and TV shows.

Why we like Vumoo

This site imitates Netflix’ design which makes it easy to find your way around if you’ve ever been to Netflix.

There’s not a lot of being done in terms of categorization, but if you already have a title on you mind, you don’t need it anyway.

At the movie’s page, you can see a detailed bio which is always good. In addition, Vumoo shows IMDB rating, helping you make a more educated guess.

The service goes rogue on us and instead of a standard “similar movies” section at the bottom shows “random movies”, inviting you to explore genres and blends that might not have been your thing in the past, but who knows…