What is a streaming site for TV shows and movies?

What is a streaming site for TV shows and movies?

It is a website where you can “stream” various TV shows and movies online completely for free. Let’s look into all of these things one by one, so that you understand how they fit together.

Digging dip

A “streaming” platform is a site where you click on a button and watch a video right there in your browser. You don’t have to download anything as was previously customary at torrents sites.

Some of the services offer movies completely for free (like Putlocker or 123movies), while others require monthly subscriptions (like Netflix, Hulu and similar sites).

Usually, free streaming providers place lots of pop-up and banner advertisements. That’s how they make money since they don’t charge you anything for watching free stuff.

Some say that it’s illegal to watch movies and TV series for free. But if the title is already available in the public domain, then it’s completely legal. The authorities don’t go after viewers and everybody’s doing it every day.

You can use VPN to hide your actions online. Also, using an ad blocker and a specialized pop-up blocker is a good idea.

Happy streaming TV shows and movies at free platforms